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Public Service Programs

Public services provided by local, state and federal government assist, support and protect citizens of communities. The term "public service" originally described the distribution of gas and water as modern communities evolved. Over time, the term was adapted to describe any service provided to support communities and to assist people in need—whether in the public or private sector. At PHSC, we provide you with the career guidance, preparation, training, and the support that you need to find yourself in a career in public service.

Enjoy serving and helping others? Then a career in public service may be right for you. Modern society could not function without the protection of law enforcement officers, the assistance of emergency responders or support for those who are unable to help themselves, including children and the elderly. Employment within public service includes many positions in professions such as law enforcement, legal services, firefighting, public transportation and social services.

Education and training for those serving the public range from high school diplomas to graduate level college degrees.