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QuistaMail and Google Apps



PHSC is pleased to provide QuistaMail, a communications initiative that provides all current PHSC students and applicants with access to a secure, customized Gmail address. Supported by Google, this assigned, unique Gmail address will serve as the primary student email address used for official College communications. Messages delivered via QuistaMail will include general information regarding admissions and records, financial aid, and student development as well as notifications about important academic deadlines. It is the responsibility of students to check their QuistaMail accounts regularly. .

Additionally, the communications tool in myPHSC should be used by faculty, staff and students to address course related topics, including assignments, quizzes, projects and discussions.

You are also expected to adhere to all College policies regarding electronic communications and document storage.

Your QuistaMail account includes access to Google Apps. This account provides your email service and access to other collaboration and communication tools.

It is very important that you create a strong password. Remember to sign out of Google Apps each time you access Google Apps. If the public computer you are on prompts you to "Save password" or "Remember me" uncheck those options so that your email is not exposed others.

Initial Login
You must login to WISE to retrieve your username and default password format before using QuistaMail. Your myPHSC login ID and password are the same as your QuistaMail userid and password. When you have your username and password format, you should first go to the password change page to set a secure password. You should also set your security questions so that you will be able to request a password reset in the future. After a password reset, you will need to wait 45-60 minutes before logging in with the new password.