Radiography FAQ

I will be completing my last prerequisite course in session I in December. Should I still apply in September for a seat in the next January class?
No. All requirements must be completed by September 15 prior to the year of entry. You need to apply during the next deadline period.
How will students be selected? What can I do to be guaranteed a seat?
All students who apply for a given class will be ranked according to a combination of the prerequisite course GPA and overall college GPA. Applicants with the highest composite scores will be selected to enter. In addition, Pasco and Hernando county residents will be given preference. Because the size of the applicant pool will change each year, there is no way to guarantee a student's entry.
When is the deadline for me to apply to the radiography program?
Applications for the January class are accepted between July 15 and September 15 of the year prior to entry. The application must arrive at the West Campus admissions office by 4 p.m., September 15. If September 15 falls on a weekend or holiday, the application deadline will fall on the next business day.
Can I apply if I do not live in Pasco or Hernando counties?
Yes, you can apply, but preference for admission will be given to residents of Pasco and Hernando counties.
When will I find out if I have been selected for the next radiography class?
The selection committee will meet in early October, and letters are mailed by the end of October.
I am very anxious to find out about my application. Can I call the radiography program or my advisor in October to find out if I have been accepted? Can they email me?
No. This information is only sent by postal mail. It will not be released by phone or email.
If I am not selected this year, can I reapply in subsequent years?
Yes, you may reapply each year.
I was picked as an alternate for last January, but was not selected. Does this mean that I will automatically be selected the following year?
No. Anyone not selected for admission, as an alternate or otherwise, must reapply for subsequent years.
I dropped out of the radiography program and want to reenter. Do I have to reapply?
If you dropped the radiography program in your first semester, without successfully completing a single RTE course, you must reapply using the new criteria. If you completed one or more RTE courses successfully, you should contact the radiography program coordinator for instructions regarding reentry.
When is the next available opening?
Only one class is accepted each year, to enter in January.
Will I be able to apply to the radiography program if I have a criminal record?
Yes, but there are clinical agencies that require a background check before a student can be assigned to that facility.The clinical agency has the right to deny student access to their facility based on past criminal history. Should a clinical agency refuse access, clinical course objectives for the program cannot be met and the student will not be able to continue in the program. Information on where to obtain a background check will be provided at the radiography new student orientation.
If I have ever been arrested, will I be able to apply for a Florida radiographer license?
A criminal background history form must be completed and submitted with the state license application at the completion of the radiography program.There is no pre-application process with the Bureau of Radiation Control. It is important to note that the decision whether or not to allow a student to challenge a State licensure exam in any health profession is beyond the control of PHCC.
Will I be eligible to take the ARRT certification exam if I have a criminal record?
A pre-application review form may be submitted to the ARRT prior to entering the radiography program or prior to graduating from the program to determine eligibility. The pre-application review form is downloadable from the "Ethics" section of the ARRT website, or by phone at 651-687-0048, extension 580.