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Multicultural Student Affairs and Equity Services

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and Equity Services provides facilitation of programs and communications directly related to multicultural awareness among PHSC students and the community. We strive to ensure diversity and inclusion by providing effective leadership, high quality technical assistance and training, and compliance monitoring.  Our goal is to develop and promote experiential learning opportunities that foster meaningful classroom activity and greater collaboration, with a mission like that of the College—to broaden the accessible, diverse teaching and learning environment rich with opportunities for students to achieve academic success and cultural growth in a global society.

PHSC provides five full-service campuses free from discrimination where members of our campus community gain knowledge and skills to be productive, engaged citizens. Multicultural Student Affairs and Equity Services range from investigating complaints initiated by students, faculty, staff and the community as well as the development of training that meet the ever changing needs of those we serve.

The services provided by the department include:

  • Ensure compliance of PHSC’s policies and law concerning Employment and Higher Education including (but not limited to) Title VI and Title IX of the Education Amendment Act, as well as Title VII which includes Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Harassment based on race, gender identity and gender expression, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation and color
  • Investigate all complaints of discrimination initiated by students, faculty, staff and the community promptly and impartially
  • Monitor and maintain PHSC’s equal employment opportunity program
  • Provide training and educational materials regarding EEO/diversity compliance issues
  • Develop new programs and metrics to advance diversity and multiculturism at PHSC
  • Mentors Program to support and assist first-time PHSC students with the challenges they may face as they transition to college and adjust to college life