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Student Assistance Program

Balancing stonesCollege studies are an exciting and challenging venture. At one point or another however, every student experiences stress and tension. The PHSC Student Assistance Program (SAP) is committed to assisting students in managing the challenges they face during their academic careers. The Student Assistance Program provides support to students in dealing with personal, academic, or relationship problems.

SAP services, provided by BayCare Life Management, assist students with accessing referral services through managed care benefits and other community resources. All counselors are credentialed master’s level, licensed clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors or licensed marriage and family therapists. Counseling and other related services are confidential.

Access to services

Anyone can refer a student to SAP when they are concerned about the student’s behavior— a friend, family member, community member or any school staff. The students themselves can even contact SAP directly at 1-800-878-5470 to ask for help.

Alternatively, students or staff may contact the Assistant Dean of Student Development on each campus to provide the appropriate assistance in making an appointment with the BayCare staff.