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Citizen Scholar Program

PHCC Citizen Scholar programThe Citizen Scholar program at PHSC is designed to encourage students, faculty, and staff to engage in service learning and civic engagement opportunities. Students who complete the program will graduate with a “Citizen Scholar” designation on their PHSC transcript and will be awarded a “Citizen Scholar” medallion at the student awards ceremony.

To receive the Citizen Scholar designation, the student must complete the following course work with a grade of “C” or better:

  • POS2041 American Federal Government, (3 credits) and
  • POS2112 State and Local Government, (3 credits) or
  • INR2002 World Perspectives: An Introduction to International Relations, (3 credits) and
  • IDS2942 Service Learning Practicum (3 credits)

Students must complete a total of nine credits. As part of the Service Learning Practicum course, the student will be required to complete a reflective project, as follows:

Reflective project
The reflective project will be a visual display of the student’s service learning project. It should consist of photographs, reflective writings, and a short but thoughtful written summary describing the student’s intended future civic engagement in the community.