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What is TIP?
The Tuition Installment Plan which allows you to pay your tuition in installments.
Am I eligible to enroll in this program?
TIP is available at all campuses and to all students at PHSC enrolled in credit courses.
Is this a loan program?
No, this is not a loan program. You have no debt, there is no interest or finance charges assessed, and there is no credit check.
Is there an enrollment fee to participate?
Yes. There is a $35-40 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee.
How many payment options do I have?
The earlier you enroll, the more payment options you have. Students who choose to use TIP may select installment plans that are spread over several months, depending on the semester.
How do I make payments?
A student may choose to make payments from his or her checking or savings account or by Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards.
When are payments processed?
Payments are processed on the 20th of each month and continue until the balance is paid in full.
How do I enroll?
  • Log in to WISE
  • Select Pay Fees
  • Select the term for which you wish to pay fees
  • Click on the eCashier link on the right side of the page
What information do I need to enroll?
You will need your 8-digit student ID number and your WISE PIN number, the name, address and email of the person responsible for payment and the credit card or checking or savings account information of the person responsible for the payments.
How am I notified regarding my contract and payment plan?
You will be notified by the email address you provided upon enrollment. If you do not have an email address, a paper notification will be provided via regular mail.
What if I want to change the method of payment on my contract?
To change the method of payment, you must contact TIP directly. They may be reached at 1-800-609-8056.
What happens to my contract if I drop or add a course?
You must contact the Financial Services office at 727-816-3481.