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WISE allows students to register for classes, pay fees, view grades and unofficial transcript, order official transcript and to update their contact information online. Here are some common questions and answers about WISE.

Logon or PIN issues

Do I have an assigned (default) PIN and, if so, what is it?
PIN codes have been issued to all former and current PHSC students. Your default PIN is a four-digit number; the first two digits are the day of your birth and the last two digits are the year of your birth. For example, if you were born on August 6, 1981, your PIN would be 0681. After you log on with your default PIN code, you will be required to change it. Please remember this new code.
For newly admitted students, use the PIN you created when you applied for admission. Returning students may use the PIN they created when they last attended.
I have forgotten my PIN. What should I do?
Contact the Information Center at 727-847-2727, 352-796-6726, 352-567-6701, 352-688-8798, or 813-527-6615.
I am a new student at PHSC and have not yet registered for classes. Can I register online?
Your first registration can only be completed on campus once you attend a new student orientation session and meet with an advisor. Any subsequent registration (including adding or dropping first term courses) can be done online through WISE.
I was previously a student at PHSC, but I have not enrolled for more than a year. Can I register online?
You will first need to apply for readmission through WISE. After your application has been reviewed, you will be able to register for classes.
When is online registration through WISE available?
Online registration is available Monday through Thursday from midnight to 9 p.m. (ET); Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET), and Saturday and Sunday (24 hours). These hours are subject to change due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. See the WISE page for maintenance announcements.
Because there is a limit to the number of web-based transactions that can be handled at any one time, we encourage you to register online through WISE during "off peak" hours when traffic will be light.

Registration issues

When I try to add a course to my trial schedule, I get a message that indicates I have a registration restriction. What should I do?
A registration restriction means that you are not allowed to register for any classes. The name and the phone number of the office that placed the restriction should display. Contact that office to find out what you need to do to have the restriction removed. If a phone number is not listed, call PHSC at 727-847-2727 and ask to be connected to the office listed.
When I try to add a course to my trial schedule, I get a message that indicates I have a placement test problem. What does this mean?
This message means either that you have not taken your placement test, the score is not on file, your scores have expired, or the test score is too low for the course you wish to take. Select another course or contact Student Development on your campus for more information.
When I try to add a course to my trial schedule, I get a message that indicates that I need a prerequisite course. What does this mean?
This message means that you have not successfully completed a course that is required before you can register for the course you wish to take. Select another course.
When I try to add a course to my trial schedule, I receive a message that indicates that I am on Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal. What should I do?
These messages indicate that your cumulative grade point average is below 2.00 and that you have not met the academic standard required. You will need to contact an academic advisor for an advising appointment before registering for classes. Academic standing is reviewed at the end of each semester.

Fee payment issues

Can I pay for my fees online?
Yes. Even if you and your advisor completed your registration during your initial advisor meeting or during an orientation session, you may pay your fees online through WISE. Click on the "Pay Fees" button at the left of the screen after you have logged on using your student ID or Social Security number and PIN. You will need to pay for fees with a major credit card (Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). All fees must be paid by the deadline for the term or you will be dropped automatically from your classes.
I should be receiving financial aid, but the Fee Screen still indicates that payment is due. What is my next step?
If you are a financial aid recipient, your financial aid funds may be automatically applied to your registration fees. However, in some instances financial aid does not cover all fees due. If you have any questions regarding your financial aid award, please contact Financial Aid.