Online Application for Nursing (RN) ADN Transition - LPN

Complete the online application below and submit all documentation as required to be considered for August 2022 fall admission in the Nursing (RN) ADN Transition - LPN program. This program is held in the following location:

  • North Campus in Brooksville
  • West Campus in New Port Richey


Read instructions thoroughly and supply all documentation required to be considered for the Nursing (RN) ADN Transition - LPN program.

Instructions and Important Information

Read all requirements and complete and submit this online application. Applicants must submit all limited access program admission requirements to be considered for review. Applicants who submit only part of an application or are missing required documents will not be processed, must reapply to the program, and repay the limited access application fee once all requirements are met.

Applicants who are offered a seat in the program and fail to respond by the date indicated on the offer letter or who fail to enroll for the term for which admission is offered must reapply for a future date. Qualified applicants are considered for all campuses/openings; however, applicants offered a seat are only offered a seat for one campus. Based on how many seats are available and the applicant’s overall ranking, they may or may not receive an offer for their preferred campus.

Applicants who meet minimum requirements as of the deadline date will be ranked based upon TEAS test scores and prerequisite GPA. Residents of Pasco and Hernando Counties will receive preference over out-of-county residents.


I understand that any previous unsuccessful attempts in nursing courses may result in being denied entry per guidelines outlined in the Nursing Programs Student Handbook.

Graduation: If selected, I understand that I must have both an overall GPA of 2.0 and a PHSC program GPA of 2.0 to graduate from this program.

Tobacco Use: I understand that the use of tobacco at all PHSC campuses is prohibited and that I will refrain from all tobacco use.

Orientation Requirement: I understand that if selected, I must complete a Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers CPR Certification (PHSC Course NCH0050) at PHSC or from a PHSC Training Site by the orientation date.

I understand that I am responsible for submitting a complete application by the stated deadlines and submitting all required documents and that incomplete applications are not considered.

I understand that official correspondence will be sent only to my student email address which ends in


  • Submit a PHSC application with a $25 non-refundable fee for new students or a PHSC readmission application for returning PHSC students not enrolled for more than 3 consecutive terms (1 Year).
  • Official high school transcript with graduation date indicating receipt of a standard high school diploma or an official transcript of GED scores indicating receipt of a high school equivalency diploma, if not already submitted. 
  • Official transcripts from each U.S. college and university attended other than PHSC.
  • Official scores from external agencies, if applicable, for prerequisite courses (i.e. AP, CLEP, IB, etc.).
  • Confirmation that any needed course substitutions have been approved by the application deadline date.
  • Transfer Credits: If the course prefix and number of an evaluated transfer course is not equivalent to PHSC’s course prefix and number (for example, transfer course does not indicate BSC1085), then you will have to meet with an advisor to complete a course substitution.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  • Complete the following prerequisite courses with a combined GPA of 2.5 or higher with at least a grade of “C” or higher:
    • BSC1085, Human Anatomy & Physiology I
    • BSC1085L, Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
    • BSC1086, Human Anatomy & Physiology II
    • BSC1086L, Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
    • CGS1100, Microcomputer Applications
    • MCB2010, Microbiology
    • MCB2010L, Microbiology Lab
    • PSY1012, Introduction to Psychology
    • HUN2201, Science of Human Nutrition
Nursing (RN) ADN Transition - LPN Applicant
Preferred campus program (select one campus)
Applicant Required Documents

Please note the required documents listed below must be submitted via email to, or delivered in person to the Admissions office at the West Campus in New Port Richey within 7 days of submitting this web application, or the program application deadline, whichever is sooner.

Applicant Initials:
Applicant Initials:
Applicant Initials:
Applicant Initials:
Applicant Certification

I certify that all statements given in this application are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Any falsified information may result in my dismissal from the program. I have read and understand the information and requirements regarding application policies, requirements, prerequisites, selection process, and other information concerning the Nursing (RN) ADN Transition - LPN program at PHSC. I understand that I am responsible for submitting all required documents in an acceptable format by the deadline date(s). I understand that official correspondence will be sent only to my student email address which ends in

This webform is adapted from college form SAR-62.