Goal Setting Have You Stressed?

How do you decide to set goals?  What is your plan to achieve them?  PHSC Student Life and Leadership is here to support you as you develop and pursue your personal and professional goals. 

How Students Can Get Started

1. Watch this Short Video (>3 min.)

This informative, less than 3 minute video will get you on your way to setting meaningful goals to drive success. Why Setting Goals in 2021 Looks Different Based on Your Strengths Video

2. Register to Participate

Would like to learn more about identifying and using your strengths to achieve your goals? 

Sign up here to receive your free access code to access the assessment and get your top five strengths ($20 value).

Taking the assessment using CliftonStrengths allows you to:

  • Unlock your basic CliftonStrengths reports
  • View your CliftonStrengths profile
  • Start learning about your strongest CliftonStrengths

Associated learning outcome: Explore

Get Your Free Book

Join the virtual Zoom session on February 2, 2021 at 2 p.m. for a Strengths-based discussion and activity.  Your choice of strengths books ($20 value) for students who attend this session and complete the assessment.

Associated learning outcome: Understand​