The Work We Have Before Us: "But I'm Not Racist."

Systemic racism impacts nearly ever facet of life for people of color. Activists and advocates say more work needs to be done to dismantle it. Very few people think they are racist which is part of the problem. Systematic racism is hidden right in front of our eyes. This first in a series of social justice webinars has been carefully planned to encourage each of us to open our minds, open our ears, and see that our experience may not be the same as other Americans.

Attending this session will set the table for the purpose and scope of the new PHSC Social Justice #ItTakesUs series. Attendees will see how events happening throughout the country impact us here at PHSC. All sessions will include a way we can each personally take action to make our community, state, country, and world a better place for everyone.


Presenter Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, known as "The Engagement Specialist", sees himself as an instrument of change; he works every day to help people find the best in themselves and others.

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Washington is the President and Founder of the Washington Consulting Group (WCG). He is an educator, administrator, and consultant in higher education, for over 36 years. Washington serves as an invited instructor in the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Lancaster Theological Seminary. He is the President and Co-Founder of the Social Justice Training Institute and a Past President of the American College Personnel Association.

He has received many awards and honors. Washington was honored with the University of Maryland Baltimore County's Legends of Excellence Award for his contribution to the lives and education of Black and LatinX faculty, staff and students. In May 2019, he received an honorary Doctor of Business Administration from Shepherd University in West Virginia. He received the 2020 Annuit Coeptis Senior Leader Award from ACPA.

Washington earned his B.S. degree from Slippery Rock State College; a double Master's of Science degree from Indiana University/Bloomington; a Ph.D. is in College Student Development from the University of Maryland College Park; and a Master of Divinity from Howard University School of Divinity. 


Andrew Beman-Cavallaro

Andrew Beman-Cavallaro is the Associate Director of Libraries at the PHSC Porter Campus. He has been a Library Director with the College since 2013 and previously worked at the Bartow Public Library, Polk County and the University of South Florida (USF) Tampa library. Andrew received his bachelor's in geography from Florida State University (FSU) in 2005 and his master's degree in library and information science from USF in 2008.

He is currently working towards his master's in 20th Century U.S. History from the University of Nebraska, serves as a mentor in the Florida Library Association (FLA), and is a member of the Tampa Bay Library Consortium's Board of Directors.

Andrew served on FLA's Intellectual Freedom Committee, has peer-reviewed publications in journals including The Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy, and was jointly recognized by FLA for work mapping instances of bannings and challenges in libraries.

Tina M. Harris, Ph.D.

Tina M. Harris, Ph. D. (University of Kentucky, Ph. D.) has the distinct pleasure of being the Douglas Manship-Dori I. Maynard Endowed Chair of Race, Media, and Cultural Literacy in the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University. This is a notable feat, as this is the first endowment of its kind in the U.S. Her primary research interest is interracial communication, with specific foci on critical communication pedagogy, race and identity, diversity and media representations, racial social justice, mentoring, and racial reconciliation, among others.

Harris is co-author of the leading interracial communication textbook Interracial Communication: Theory to Practice (2015) published by Sage and is in its third edition. She is a prolific scholar who publishes in top journals within the communication discipline. Harris is regularly invited to contribute to original research to books, top-tier peer reviewed journals, and encyclopedias in other disciplines because her expertise is vast, innovative, and of the highest quality. Lastly, she is a very active senior scholar with many accolades and awards for her longstanding history of making valuable contributions to the discipline, university, and department for her teaching, research, and service. 

Rev. Russell L. Meyer

Rev. Dr. Russell L. Meyer is a Doctor of Ministry (Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC). His doctoral work focused on designing community conversations that lead to collective action using social field theory.

Rev. Meyer engages in statewide interfaith efforts on climate, health care, justice reform, refugees, and civic engagement. He leads the newly created Florida Faith Advocacy Office of the Council. As the Communications Officer of the Real Talk Coalition on Education Equity, he is a leading spokesperson for addressing historic disparities in public education. In 2017, the state legislative appointed him to the Dozier Memorial Task Force. He co-chairs Suncoast Sea Level Rise Collaborative at St. Petersburg College founded through the Institute of Strategic Policy Solutions and convenes the Florida Interfaith Climate Actions Network. An advocate of One Tampa Bay – a model of communal intention for the well-being of all in the bio-region – he has helped lead to proclamations that the City of St. Petersburg is a City of Compassion and a City of International Peace. He is passionate about realizing an anti-racist society.

Rev. Meyer has dual ministry roles. As the Missional Pastor of the Lutheran Urban Parish of Tampa {St. Paul and Faith Lutheran Churches), he leads their ministries of renewal, focusing on urban justice. 

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