Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:  I could not be more proud of you! Administrators and staff, thank you for maintaining PHSC operations while quickly adapting to unprecedented circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Faculty, I am grateful for your monumental efforts in bringing 1,100 face-to-face classes online. Students, we are all so impressed with your resolve to complete the spring semester in such challenging times!

PHSC Bobcats are indeed strong, resilient and determined to excel. Rest assured, we continue to do everything possible to support your success without compromising the safety, security and wellbeing of all students, faculty and staff.

Here is a summary of key actions, developments and plans:

  • All summer-term courses are offered online only. For students seeking to complete a course with an in-person and/or hybrid lab, we are unable to provide these courses at this time and apologize for any issues this may cause. We are working diligently to provide students with all the courses needed in the upcoming fall 2020-21 semester.

  • Keeping you informed remains imperative. We are closely monitoring and rigorously adhering to guidance and practices provided by Florida’s Department of Education and the Department of Health. Although no one can fully estimate the toll of the pandemic on our state, the local economy and our college, social distancing appears to curb the spread of the virus and preliminary plans are being developed to re-open the economy.

  • More positive news emerges daily. PHSC expects to receive $6.5 million dollars of the
    $2 trillion CARES relief package passed by Congress and signed into law on March 27, 2020. This funding will allow PHSC to provide financial assistance for students and will help offset college operational costs. Details about how and when the funds will be allocated should be finalized soon.

  • Graduates, you are Gold! To PHSC spring graduates, a virtual commencement ceremony is under consideration. Commencement celebrates achieving Gold and we want to make the experience personal and memorable for you as well as your family and friends. Plans will be announced soon.

  • Help is available. PHSC strives to be responsive and helpful at all times. In a crisis, this matters more than ever. If you, a colleague or classmate are struggling, we are committed to providing or finding the assistance you need as quickly as possible. If your workload is overwhelming, consult with your professor or supervisor. If personal problems threaten your emotional health, free one-on-one counseling offered through our Employee Assistance or Student Assistance Programs may provide the help you need.

During a crisis, we face challenges that demand tenacity, patience, ingenuity and teamwork, factors that can fuel innovation and positive change. By working together, I am confident that PHSC will emerge stronger, more resilient and greater than ever before.

Please know that you are supported and appreciated. Stay positive, stay safe and stay tuned!


Timothy L. Beard, Ph.D. President