In a letter dated August 2, 2021, PHSC President Timothy L. Beard, Ph.D., provided an update to COVID protocol at the College. The letter stated:

Dear Colleagues:

Florida is experiencing a dramatic spike in COVID-19 cases linked to the Delta variant of the virus. New evidence indicates that both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can spread the virus. Reportedly, while vaccinated individuals can acquire COVID-19, symptoms are mild and rarely lead to severe illness, hospitalization or death.

In compliance with CDC recommendation, all PHSC employees, students and campus visitors must wear masks on campus indoors beginning ASAP or no later than start of day tomorrow morning, Tuesday, August 3. The mask mandate will be also be in effect in classrooms and during all indoor College-hosted activities, whether held on or off campuses. At this time, masks are not required outside of College facilities, but social distancing rules will remain in effect inside, outdoors and in classrooms on all campuses.

While proof of vaccination will not be required, I urge all employees and students to receive vaccinations as soon as possible to help curb the alarming rate of COVID-19 cases within our district. Vaccinations are free, readily available and can protect our colleagues, neighbors and family from this devasting disease. An updated, more detailed College COVID-19 plan will be circulated and posted on PHSC’s website and intranet later this week. Please take every precaution, including washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, to protect the health of our college community.

As a reminder, the College Store at all campuses offers a selection of discounted masks for your convenience.

Thank you for your attention to this important message.


Timothy L. Beard, Ph.D.