For the first time, PHSC will be offering students a new, hands-on way to learn an important skill so they can join the job market even sooner. Our Apartment Maintenance Technician apprenticeship begins Monday, October 4th at our West Campus in New Port Richey.   

Ten students will spend the first week in the classroom learning about the work they will be doing once paired with an area apartment complex. On-the-job training at the apartment will include HVAC, cabinetry, electrical, appliance repair, and other skills. Each student will get 2,000 on-the-job training hours paid for by the apartment complex they are working for. They will receive certificates for each skill at the end of the program which takes one year to complete. The program is not only a paid apprenticeship, but it costs the students nothing to be in this course. 

"PHSC continues to identify a variety of academic programs that meet emerging career needs and workforce opportunities - from degrees to rapid credential certifications. Our first State-approved apprenticeship program will provide a quality workforce to our regional housing industry," says Dr. Stanley Giannet, College Provost.

After their first week in the classroom, students will begin work at their chosen apartment complex. For more information about PHSC’s apprenticeship programs, go to