Dear PHSC Family and Colleagues: Our nation faces another generational crisis demanding that we confront who we are and to what extent we own and address past and current societal failures. I join many of you in denouncing what appears to be a horrific crime against Mr. George Floyd of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The death of this American citizen appears to represent a tragic failure in our system that challenges the very core of who we are individually and collectively as a nation.

Our PHSC values of excellence, community, stewardship, safety, and personal integrity leave no room for injustice. Hatred and divisiveness have no boundaries and will employ any means necessary in an attempt to defeat the good, the caring, the love and support needed to be successful as individual citizens, an educational institution, a community of families, and as a nation.

While the circumstances that led to the death of Mr. Floyd are troubling and painful, we should view this moment as a catalyst for systemic change to secure future justice. Now is the time to be part of a solution that will confront matters of diversity, racial inequalities, classism, sexism, gender bias, religious persecution and bigotry. As educators and citizens, we must remain steadfast in dedicating our time, attention and resources to fulfill the creed that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

PHSC supports the essential American constitutional right to engage in peaceful demonstrations while condemning those who destroy and steal the property of others under the guise of righteous protests. Such behavior should not be condoned or tolerated in a free or democratic society. We are fortunate to have excellent district law enforcement officials and our own academy that trains cadets to be sensitive, honest, respectful and fair in their treatment of all citizens.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated that “injustices anywhere, are a threat to justice everywhere.” As this institution’s President, I know that our PHSC family strongly stakes our claim to help eradicate, through education, the destruction of any and all injustices that threaten our community or this great nation.

PHSC’s faculty, staff and students will continue to put forth the investment of energy and time needed to foster multiculturalism, cultural diversity and equity -- and to ensure that social differences are not just tolerated but celebrated. In PHSC’s nearly 50-year history, few can deny the College’s progress in supporting a more progressive team of faculty and staff and an environment that welcomes diversity and cultural inclusion.

I ask each of you to join me in this defining moment, to convey to our community of citizens, and citizens throughout the nation and the world, that PHSC is committed and dedicated to justice and equality for all.


Timothy L. Beard, Ph.D., PHSC President