Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC) will host spring commencement on Tuesday, May 3, at 10 a.m. and Wednesday, May 4, at 10 a.m. in the Physical Fitness Center at the West Campus in New Port Richey, 10230 Ridge Road. Two commencement ceremonies will honor graduates earning bachelor’s and associate’s degrees and certificates. Both ceremonies will stream live; ceremony streaming links are available at

The student speakers for the ceremony are Sara Abdelmagead on May 3 and Saiyid Shariq on May 4.

Sara Abdelmagead will be receiving her AS in radiography. According to Abdelmagead, she is “Originally from Egypt. My family and I moved to the USA 8 years ago. I started my journey at PHSC back in 2017. I had the radiography program on my mind because I was always fascinated by the human body, and I always thought of X-ray as a work of art. I had to take extra classes to improve my English before I was able to work on my prerequisites for the program. After two and a half years, I am excited to graduate from the PHSC radiography program. My plans for after graduation is to start my career as soon as possible. I am excited to begin my career as a radiologic technologist in the hospital setting, as I enjoy working in the ER and OR. In the future I plan to specialize in other modalities, such as Interventional radiology which I enjoy and can’t wait to learn more about it.”

Saiyid Shariq is receiving his associate’s degree with plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology. “Imagine moving to a different country FROM A completely different culture, language, norms, and people? Sounds quite intimidating, doesn’t it?” said Shariq. “That is exactly how it was for me. My name is Saiyid Muhammad Ibtehaj Shariq and I moved to the United States almost three years ago. Looking back these last three years were quite interesting for me in all sorts of ways. There were many questions in my head, and the biggest one of them all was how would I pursue my goals? More like how I would pave my path to success in America. This is where Pasco Hernando State College comes in. PHSC provided me with the right tools and guidance to take a step towards climbing the ladder of success. I would say when I started at PHSC three years ago I was a very shy and a confused kid with no communication skills and having a language barrier that did not do good for me. The odds were against me however, the students, faculty, and staff accepted me

and welcomed me with open arms. That was the moment I realized this is where I belong, this is family. and this is where I will set my foundation for a successful life ahead. If it wasn’t for my advisors, peers, professors, and staff members I would not be here telling my story to all those people who are or will be in the same shoes that I was three years ago. My message to everyone who was or still is in the same situation I was, is to live life and be who you are because at PHSC it is YOU who makes the difference and that is all it takes.”

“This is our first in-person with family and friends in attendance commencement since the pandemic began. We have listened to our students, and are pleased to graduate them in the traditional format,” said Stanley Giannet, Ph.D., PHSC Executive Vice President, Chief Academic Officer/College Provost. “We look forward to again experiencing the celebratory atmosphere with our faculty, our graduates and their families.”

Other graduation speakers include: District Board of Trustees Vice Chair Lee Maggard, Rep. Blaise Ingoglia, Florida House of Representatives, and Accounting Professor and Faculty Senate President Misty Price, Ph.D., on May 3; and District Board of Trustees Chair John Mitten, Sunrise Consulting Group President Shawn Foster, and Physical Science Professor and Faculty Senate Vice President Stacy Thomson, Ph.D., on May 4.

Approximately 308 degrees and certificates will be conferred at the ceremonies. An estimated 797 spring graduates are eligible to participate.