Safety and Security
How should I respond to an active shooter situation?

Take Immediate Action


  • Do not do anything to provoke an active shooter!
  • Quickly clear students, staff, and faculty from the area of the shooting. Run! Try to warn others to seek shelter.
  • If you are in the open, run in the opposite direction from the sound of gunfire and get out of the area.
  • Attempts to rescue people should only be made if that can be accomplished without further endangering the persons inside the secured area.


  • If you are in a building and cannot run, close and lock all doors and windows to offices and classrooms; turn off the lights, close blinds and hide.
  • If your door cannot be locked from the inside (and it swings into the room), stack desks, tables, and chairs to form a barricade.
  • Have everyone get down on the floor or up against a solid interior wall.
  • Turn off cell phones or any devices that emit sound.
  • Depending on circumstances, consideration may be given to exiting ground floor windows as safely as possible.


  • If there is no possibility of escape or hiding, and only as a last resort should you make an attempt to negotiate or fight to overpower the assailant(s).

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