Social Justice Webinar Series - Spring 2021

January 21

  • Where do We Go from Here? A Conversation about Racial Equity

    11:00am - 12:30pm Virtual

    In recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and as part of the #ItTakesUs Social Justice Series, noted expert on the psychology of racism, Dr. Beverly Tatum will provide exclusive insights and strategies to engage productive dialogues to promote social change in this conversation about racial equity.

    Presented by Duke Energy and the PHSC Department of Multicultural Awareness and Equity.

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    Meeting ID: 985 1212 7414

February 3

  • Emancipation Day in Florida and The Role of Blacks in Establishing Pasco County

    11:00am - 12:30pm Virtual Meeting

    In recognition of Black History Month and as part of the #ItTakesUs Social Justice Series, noted expert Dr. Edgar Canter Brown Jr. will present the history of Emancipation Day. Brown will share primary source documents to illustrate the early presence and role of African Americans in shaping what are Pasco and Hernando counties as we know them today, such as those individuals who served in elective offices during Reconstruction. 

March 17

  • First, but Not the Last: Shattering the Glass Ceiling

    11:00am - 12:15pm Virtual

    Celebrate Women's History Month

    Hear remarkable and inspiring experiences of women trailblazers in law, sports and business who broke new ground, challenged the status quo and soared to new heights—encouraging others to follow in their steps. They may have been the first, but they will not be the last.

April 21

  • Restorative Environmental Justice

    11:00am - 12:30pm Virtual

    Intersection of Natural Disasters, Poverty and Minority Groups

    Joseph W. Dorsey, Ph.D., will share his perspectives on "the great equalizers" such as food security, waste management, natural resources, air quality, and social justice that cut across all "ism's" (capitalism, racism, sexism, environmentalism, etc.). This session will provide participants with emergent conceptual frameworks, sustainability principles, and resiliency action items to move us towards Sustainabilitism—a word coined by Dr. Dorsey.