Advisors are available to assist students and prospective students with academic, career, or personal matters on an appointment basis. These services are available on campus each weekday, and evenings by appointment and at other district locations upon arrangement. Students with disabilities may also schedule an appointment with the Director of Student Accessibility Services.

The Degree Audit Program is a program that matches a student’s academic history against a specific PHSC major program for a specified catalog year to determine which course requirements have been met and which are still unmet. Students may request a copy of the audit from an advisor. The State of Florida has implemented a similar system for all degrees and majors within Florida’s postsecondary educational institutions. Students are encouraged to see their advisor before registration begins each term to obtain the maximum benefit from the advising opportunities.


The e-advisors assist new, current, and returning students with applying or reapplying to PHSC. Students may receive assistance with placement testing information, developing a program of study, selecting courses for registration and other student development information. This information is delivered in an electronic environment. Any questions? Contact your eAdvisor.