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Association of Florida Colleges - PHSC Chapter

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The Association of Florida Colleges is the professional association for Florida’s public community and state colleges, their boards, employees, retirees, and associates. The mission of the association is to actively promote, democratically represent, support and serve the individual members and institutions in their endeavors to provide their students and the citizens of Florida with the best possible comprehensive community college educational system.

As a member of AFC-PHSC Chapter, you will receive timely updates on these efforts and have an opportunity to get involved in crafting and perhaps even delivering the message. You will also be invited to participate in chapter events— including educational workshops, legislative information session, socials and community service projects. You may receive book scholarships, discounts at area attractions, AFC monetary awards and discounts on car rentals. AFC is always hard at work lobbying for its members. The greatest benefit is the camaraderie between you and your co-workers!

If you would like to review and keep track of legislation pertaining to community colleges and other education issues, visit

Imagine a place where you can turn for professional development, friendship and answers to tough questions. Think of being given the opportunity to not only read and talk about the legislative process, but having the chance to actually impact the results. Consider getting involved in a group that offers you unlimited ways to be a leader, learn new skills and be recognized by your peers for your efforts.

As a member of AFC you will be part of a group with a strong advocacy mission. Our voice in Tallahassee for all employees of community and state colleges is one of the most important benefits of AFC membership, but you are also invited to participate in state, region and chapter events including educational workshops, legislative information sessions, socials and community service projects as well as network with peers across the state.

The time commitment for members is minimal.

Individual dues are determined by salary

Salary/classification Dues/year Deduction/pay period
$29,999 and under $35 $1.46
$30,000-74,999 $45 $1.80
$75,000-99,999 $55 $2.20
$100,000 and over $70 $2.80
Adjunct $10 Not eligible
Part-time $10 Not eligible