Pasco-Hernando State College kicked off #ItTakesUs, a social justice webinar series, on Sept. 14. The virtual event focused on changing the narrative concerning Latinx professionals in leadership roles. This segment featured guest speaker Ana Larrea-Albert, a Hispanic leadership and organizational development expert, providing advice and encouragement for those navigating a business environment.

Many students, staff and faculty joined the event at in-person watch parties organized throughout the college’s five campuses.

“I was invited by a friend to come, and I think it’s an important event helping to raise awareness and encourage those in my community,” said Jose Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, a sophomore pursuing a general AA degree at PHSC, watched the event with friends at PHSCs West Campus located in New Port Richey, Fla.

During the presentation Ana Larrea-Albert delved into the current business environment highlighting the impacts, roles, responsibilities, and proportionality of Hispanic population.

“If you don’t control the narrative other people will decide who you are,” said Larrea-Albert.

“I felt shocked looking at the statistics and seeing how underrepresented I was, but it inspired me to now go out and achieve greatness,” said Rodriguez.

#ItTakesUs is an ongoing initiative in PHSC’s continual effort to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

“None of us are one dimensional and we can learn so much from one another,” said Luther T. Buie, associate dean of diversity, equity, inclusion, and multicultural student affairs.

PHSC serves a diverse student body and incorporates input from their community, which is comprised of a multitude of ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures.

Buie stressed the importance of hosting these events to bring awareness and promote more inclusive thinking in the community.

Working with the PHSC Student Life and Leadership department, Buie and the DEI team plan and coordinate events like these catered toward addressing current social challenges the community is facing.

Upcoming #ItTakesUs topics include recidivism, mitigating fear and bias, and objective truth.

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