Navigate Your PHSC Experience

The College offers a mobile app to help you make your student experience Gold! Gain easy access to mail, Canvas, activities, events, and more! 

PHSC Mobile App for all things PHSC!

Download PHSC Mobile App

Benefits of PHSC Mobile App:

  • Campus activities, clubs and events
  • Campus maps
  • Check final grades, financial aid and scholarships
  • Course descriptions and schedule
  • Register through WISE, and more!

PHSC Mobile compatibility - The PHSC app is supported for mobile devices using an Android or iOS platform. This includes Android phones, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Kindle Fire tablet. To get the PHSC Mobile App, download it from your mobile device’s corresponding app store (iTunes App Store, Google Play).

    WIFI on Campus

    Employees and Students
    The “PHSC-Wireless” network provides all PHSC Employees and Students with secure, encrypted wireless access. Select “PHSC-Wireless” from your list of available Wireless Networks. It can be accessed using your PHSC username and password.

    The "PHSC-Guest” network provides visitors to the college with internet-only wireless access.  It can be accessed by simply agreeing to the terms and conditions that will be presented on the screen after connecting/opening a web browser.

    Need help with mobile? Call the PHSC technical support desk or send an email.