BYOC Week - June 10–13, 2024

The Build Your Own Computer camp for kids is a 4-day event where students will learn the internal components that make a computer work by building their own systems. After their build, they will be taught about configuring and setting up their system at home. At the end of their week, they will be able to take their computers home. The goal of this camp is to introduce students to the IT industry during a time that is vital in choosing their CTE direction, as well as achieving the goal of a complete build that earns them a usable computer at their home.

Camp Instructors

  • Curtis Scaglione
  • Christopher Grech
  • Rick Allison
  • Eddie Hamilton
  • Heath Novak
  • Cybersecurity Club Students

Camp Fee

This camp is free for kids! Monitor, computer box, keyboard, mouse, and cables are included for each camper. (All components needed are donated by Institutional Technology).

Grade Requirement

Student campers must be entering 7th or 8th grade in Fall 2024.


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