Students can save money and time with the new Bobcat Instant Access program! In collaboration with top publishers and PHSC, this new program instantly delivers course materials to students at a lower price.

Beginning for the Summer 2023 term, students enrolled in a Bobcat Instant Access course will receive digital course materials, which includes eBooks or publisher created courseware, on or before the first day of classes. During this pilot for Summer 2023, selected math and psychology courses will participate in the Bobcat Instant Access program. Enrollment is automatic for the listed courses, and additional information and instructions will be sent to student email accounts regarding how to access these materials. If they choose to utilize the program, their student account will be charged a lower custom price negotiated for PHSC by the College Stores.

If a student does not wish to participate in the Bobcat Instant Access program, they can choose to opt-out before the course’s drop/add date for the semester. By opting out, students will not receive the lower negotiated price by the PHSC College Store, but will be able to make their own choices to acquire their needed materials. Learn more at the College Store.