Pasco-Hernando State College president Jesse Pisors, Ed.D., earned excellent scores on his first review by the college’s District Board of Trustees (DBOT). Pisors’ review was adopted at the June DBOT meeting.

The nine-member Board of Trustees gave Pisors an average score of 4.79 out of 5, noting his strong communication, engagement, transparency and efforts towards bettering the college in his first four months. 

This review cements a positive step into the position for Pisors. His scores were consistent in each of the five categories included in the evaluation. Pisors earned a 4.66 for board relations; a 4.92 for community, state, and national relations; a 4.73 for fiscal accountability; a 4.82 for leadership; and a 4.83 for accountability. Although Pisors’ review covered only four months at the college, the trustees shared positive feedback and look forward to the next year.

PHSC is also embarking on its next cycle of strategic planning to span 2025 through 2029. A Strategic Planning Steering Committee and five Goal Subcommittees have been established with more than 70 committee members representing all organizational divisions, academic divisions, campuses and locations, as well as staff, faculty, students and community partners.

“Our strategic plan is a critical and comprehensive guide to the work that we will do over the coming years and the goals to which we aspire as a college,” said Pisors. “This is an exciting time to envision our college’s future and chart a course toward who we need to become. We are fortunate to be building on over five decades of great work.”

The steering committee and goal subcommittees have already started working on their assigned tasks. A first draft is anticipated to be completed this fall with the final draft presented to the DBOT by the end of 2024.