Pasco-Hernando State College president Timothy Beard, Ph.D., earned near-perfect scores on his annual review by the college’s District Board of Trustees (DBOT). Beard’s review was presented at the June DBOT meeting. 

The College Board of Trustees gave him an overall average score of 4.95 out of 5, noting his excellent communications with the District Board of Trustees, community stakeholders, and state and national relationships. DBOT Chair John Mitten summarized the review comments in a letter to the trustees, commending “Dr. Beard for his leadership, personal and professional demeanor, and the overall positive impact he has on the College.” He exceeded performance standards in all areas of this evaluation. 

“The relationships that we have helped developed with our internal and external College stakeholders over the past several years are paying dividends to the success we are currently experiencing at PHSC,” said Beard. 

This review is consistent with last year’s review that showed Beard’s strong marks in all categories. Beard’s average scores were close to perfect in all five categories included in the evaluation. He earned a 4.86 for board relations; a 4.99 for community, state and national relations; a 5.0 on fiscal responsibility; a 4.88 for leadership; and a 5.0 for accountability. For the second consecutive year, the president’s overall average percentage score is 99%, having increased from 98% in 2020 and 96% in 2019. 

Beard is starting the third year of a three-year contract, that runs through June 30, 2023, awarded by the college trustees after demonstrating his ability to grow as a leader, embracing a style of leadership that promotes transparency, collaboration and clear communication. Board Chair Mitten’s recommended to extend Beard’s contract through January 31, 2024.