Pasco-Hernando State College received $1.5M in state appropriations to fund the establishment of the new Nursing and Allied Health Advancement Institute. This innovative and collaborative institute will address the well-documented allied health and nursing shortage in the state of Florida and can be used as a model nationwide. Through a multipronged, comprehensive, and collaborative approach, the institute will increase nursing and allied health pipelines on both sides of the equation—increasing the talent pipeline for faculty as well as for nursing and allied health employees.

“Well trained nurses and medical staff are needed over the next several decades not only for our community, but for our entire state,” said Representative Randy Maggard. “I was honored to sponsor this funding request for my Alma Mater, so that we can ensure our best and brightest have the opportunity to study nursing right here in our community. Through this program, these future nurses and medical professionals will have the tools they need to prevent a crisis level nursing shortage in the future.”

The institute will be housed at the college’s Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch in Wesley Chapel. The first step in establishing the new institute will be to develop a strategic plan.

“Higher Education institutions, including PHSC, desperately seek highly qualified faculty, and institutions of health services struggle with significant gaps in nursing and allied health employees,’” said Jesse Pisors, Ed.D., PHSC president. “The circumstance is amplified because improved retention and development strategies are critically needed, and without a plan in place, a real threat exists in the health care system. The Nursing and Allied Health Advancement Institute will provide these plans and focus on solutions in collaboration with significant stakeholders.”

For more information on the Nursing and Allied Health Advancement Institute, contact Lisa Richardson, Ed.D., vice president of advancement, innovation and strategic partnerships, at 727-816-3404.