English: Literary Studies - FUSE Pathway


The Associate in Arts (AA) degree requires the completion of 60 credit hours, including 36 credit hours of General Education and 24 credit hours of elective courses. This transfer intent recommends completion of pathway electives in order to meet prerequisites for admission into a bachelor's degree program at a Florida state university. Additional courses are in excess of required program hours and may not be covered by financial aid. For more information, students should speak to a PHSC Academic Advisor.

Degree Type:
Associate in Arts
Arts, Humanities, Communication, and Design
Program Code:
Degree Minimum:
60 credit hours
GPA Requirement:
2.0 or higher

General Education Requirements — 36 credits

Area I. Communication and Information Literacy

  • ENC1101 English Composition I, 3 credits
  • ENC1102 English Composition II, 3 credits
  • SPC2608 Introduction to Public Speaking, 3 credits

Area II. Mathematics

  • MGF1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts, 3 credits
  • MGF1107 Explorations in Mathematics, 3 credits

Area III. Natural Sciences

  • BSC1005 Introduction to Biology, 3 credits
  • PSC1121 Survey of the Physical Sciences, 3 credits

Area IV. Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • AMH2020 History of the United States II, 3 credits
  • PSY1012 Introduction to Psychology, 3 credits

Area V. Humanities

  • HUM1020 Introduction to Humanities, 3 credits
  • LIT2000 Introduction to Literature, 3 credits

Area VI. Technological Fluency

  • CGS1100 Microcomputer Applications, 3 credits

Electives — 24 credits

Any course in this section may satisfy the elective category. However, courses identified as a pathway elective are strongly encouraged to be completed in order to transfer to a university.

Pathway Electives – Strongly Recommended

  • AML2020 American Literature: The Late 19th Century Through the Modern Era, 3 credits
  • AMS2270 American Studies: 20th Century American Culture, 3 credits
  • ENL2012 British Literature, 3 credits
  • ENL2230 Introduction to Shakespeare, 3 credits
  • LIT2120 World Literature: The Renaissance Through the Modern Era, 3 credits

Additional Electives - If Needed

  • MAT1100 Pathways to Mathematical Literacy, 3 credits 
  • SLS1106 Journey to Success, 3 credits - For First Time in College (FTIC) Students only

Additional Electives - Optional

  • COM2000 Introduction to Communication, 3 credits
  • CRW2001 Creative Writing, 3 credits
  • ENG2103 World Cinema, 3 credits

Foreign Language Requirement

All students pursuing an Associate in Arts (AA) degree are required to meet the Foreign Language Competency Requirement to graduate with their AA degree. For more information about the foreign language requirement, refer to the College Catalog.

Civic Literacy Requirement

Students initially entering a Florida College System (FCS) institution in 2021-22 and thereafter are required to meet the Civic Literacy Requirement to graduate with their degree. For more information about the civic literacy requirement, refer to the College Catalog.

Developmental Education 

Developmental education courses may be required for students based on placement test scores. Developmental education courses are not considered to be college credit hours and do not count towards the degree. For more information about the developmental education program, refer to the College Catalog. 

Program Map

The Program Map is a recommended term-by-term plan for full-time students. All plans can be modified to fit the needs of part-time students.

Fall Term I – 15 Credits

  • CGS1100 - 3 cr.
  • ENC1101 - 3 cr.
  • HUM1020 - 3 cr.
  • MGF1106 - 3 cr.
  • SLS1106 - 3 cr.

Spring Term I – 15 Credits

  • AMH2020 - 3 cr.
  • ENC1102 - 3 cr.
  • LIT2000 - 3 cr.
  • MGF1107 - 3 cr.
  • SPC2608 - 3 cr.

Summer Term I – 3 Credits

  • ENL2330 - 3 cr.

Fall Term II – 16 Credits

  • AML2020 - 3 cr.
  • ENL2012 - 3 cr.
  • BSC1005 - 3 cr.
  • PSY1012 - 3 cr.
  • Foreign Language I - 4 cr.

Spring Term II – 13 Credits

  • AMS2270 - 3 cr.
  • LIT2120 - 3 cr.
  • PSC1121 - 3 cr.
  • Foreign Language II - 4 cr