Stackable Credentials and Certificates

The following certificates are available in the Internet Services Technologyprogram:

Job Outlook

According to the Florida Department of Labor, employment is expected to grow much faster than the average and job prospects should be excellent with a 22 percent increase. Demand for Web administrators and Web developers will also be strong. More of these workers will be needed to accommodate the increasing amount of data sent over the Internet, as well as the growing number of Internet users. In addition, as the number of services provided over the Internet expands, Web administrators and developers will continue to see employment increases.

Job Potential Earnings

Salaries for information security analysts, Web developers and computer network architects start around $43,000 and progress to the $75,000 range depending on experience, size of company and location.

Special Notice

The following courses are prerequisites and should be taken early in the program:

  • CGS 1000 – Computer Concepts
  • CGS 1100 – Microcomputer Applications
  • COP 1000 – Introduction to Software Development