• Portrait of Timothy Beard

    Timothy L. Beard, Ph.D.


  • Amy Anderson portraitg

    Amy Anderson, M.D.

    Provost, Spring Hill Campus

  • Portrait of Marcia Austin

    Marcia Austin, Ed.D.

    Senior Vice President of Technology and Distance Education, Chief Information Officer

  • Portrait of Robert Bade

    Robert Bade, Ed.D.

    Bade, Bob Senior Vice President, Chief Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Officer

  • Portrait of Chris Bibbo

    Chris Bibbo, J.D.

    Dean, Admissions and Enrollment Management

  • Portrait of Luther T. Buie

    Luther T. Buie

    Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Multicultural Student Affairs

  • Portrait of Darrell Clark

    Darrell Clark

    Assistant Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer

  • Billie Gabbard portrait

    Billie Gabbard, Ed.D.

    Dean, Nursing and Health Programs

  • Portrait of Stanley Giannet

    Stanley M. Giannet, Ph.D.

    Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer/College Provost

  • Portrait of Edwin Goolsby

    Ed Goolsby, D.M.

    Provost, East Campus

  • Portrait of Chiquita Henderson

    Chiquita A. Henderson

    Dean, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

  • Portrait of Brian Horn

    Brian Horn

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Portrait of Jessica LaBossiere

    Jessica LaBossiere, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, English

  • Portrait of Lucy Miller

    Lucy Miller

    Special Assistant to the President / Liaison to the DBoT

  • Portrait of Kevin O'Farrell

    Kevin O'Farrell, Ph.D.

    Provost, Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch

  • Portrait of Lisa Richardson

    Lisa Richardson, Ed.D.

    Associate Vice President of Alumni and College Relations and Executive Director of the Foundation

  • Portrait of Tony Rivas

    Tony Rivas

    Associate Vice President of Facilities Management and Administrative Services

  • Portrait of Janice Scott

    Janice Scott

    Associate Dean of Enterprise Systems

  • Portrait of Becky Shanafelt

    Becky Shanafelt

    Dean, Financial Aid

  • Portrait of Gerene Thompson

    Gerene Thompson, Ph.D.

    Dean, Arts and Sciences

  • Portrait of Sonia Thorn

    Sonia Thorn

    Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs, Marketing and Communications

  • Portrait of Melanie Waxler

    Melanie Waxler

    Associate Dean, Marketing, Chief Public Information Officer

  • Portrait of Reginald Wilson

    Reggie Wilson

    Provost, North Campus