Make Your Accomplishments More Visible

Pasco-Hernando State College has partnered with Credly, Inc. to offer digital badges and micro-credentials to our faculty, staff, and students. Whether expanding your skills through professional development, career certificates, or a specific degree program, PHSC wants you to highlight your newly acquired skills and credentials in the most effective and productive digital form.

What is Credly?

Credly is leading the digital credential movement, making talent more visible and opportunity more accessible. Credly is the end-to-end solution for issuing and managing digital credentials and works with credible organizations to provide digital credentials to individuals worldwide. The platform was built mobile-first, so your experience with Credly will be just as good on your Android or Apple IOS mobile device as on a desktop computer.

What is a digital badge?

A badge issued through the Credly platform is a digital representation of a learning outcome, experience, or competency. Based on the Open Badges Standard, Credly badges can be verified online securely, making the credentials easy to share across the Internet for maximum visibility and recognition. Credly badges also link to metadata that provides context and verification. What makes the badges issued to you from Credly unique is that they represent achievements valued by employers. Badges managed through Credly will help you tell your professional story in a complete and validated way.

What are the benefits of digital credentials?

There are many benefits to having a credential in digital form:

  • A quality credential clearly explains what you can do, what you did to earn it, and who says you earned it. It is more than a piece of paper.
  • The digital version of a credential is easy to share online.
  • The digital version of a credential is secure.
  • This is a trusted method for real-time verification; it is not self-reported.
  • You will see direct connections between skills and jobs.

How do I get started?

Once you have earned a digital credential, you will get an email telling you about the credential from

You will be asked to create an account and confirm your email. After you create the account and log in, accept the badge then share it with your friends and colleagues! Through sharing, you see the power of the network, which is a fantastic way to tell others about your skills and abilities!

What is the next step?

To review the current digital badge offerings visit Pasco-Hernando State College’s Credly profile page. Click on a badge to see additional details and insights for jobs and skills related to the digital credential.


Contact the PHSC Workforce Development office by email at or by phone at 727-816-3256.

Important Information

Pasco-Hernando State College instituted the PHSC digital badge program in the Fall of 2022 (semester 20231). The Workforce Development Office began the program by offering a limited number of badges during the introductory period. An approved PHSC digital badge can be earned moving forward, starting in the semester that it was approved. Since the PHSC digital badge program started in the Fall semester of 2022, Workforce Development will not be awarding badges retroactively prior to the specific badge’s approval date. Each semester PHSC and Workforce Development may review, approve, and offer new badges that are aligned to our current programs as well as the needs of the Workforce Development and CTE Division.