Continuing Professional Education

PHSC offers certification, licensure and training for health, business and computer professionals, workers in child care, and more.

View and Register for Courses

Steps to Register for a PHSC Continuing Education Course:

  1. Visit PHSC Continuing Professional Education Course Registration website
  2. Select the current term in the drop-down menu
  3. Select Continue, then select Continuing Education
  4. Select Course Type
  5. Select Search 
  6. Select the desired class shopping cart icon to add it to the shopping cart.
  7. Select View Cart to display the course selection, view fees, etc.
  8. Proceed to Checkout and follow the prompts to receive a student ID number and complete the online payment.

Ed2Go Online

Ed2Go offers basic and advanced skills training in an online environment. To view available courses and to register, visit Ed2Go in links on this page.

OLT Online

OLT Online offers training for real estate and insurance professionals. To view available courses and to register, visit OLT in links on the page.

Career and Job Training

Fast and short-term Career and Job Training can be viewed through links on this page.

Advanced Law Enforcement Courses

To be placed on your agency's list to attend this class you must return this form to your training section. Authorizations are not accepted from officers, they must go through their respective training sections to attend Advanced & Specialized classes at PHSC. Pursuant to 11B-18.0053, para.(3)(a) support personnel are authorized to attend advanced and specialized training courses provided the support personnel does not displace a sworn officer.

No Advanced Law Enforcement courses scheduled at this time.

Continuing Education Refund Policy

Full refunds for PHSC continuing education courses are given when the College cancels a class. A full refund will be made to a student who drops from any noncredit class prior to the starting time of the first class. This policy applies also to workshops, seminars, conferences, and special training programs. A claim for refund due to death must be made in writing and signed by a person legally authorized to act for the deceased.