Do you work in a regulated occupation? Are you a health care worker required to retain licensure or certification? A law enforcement officer in need of advanced training? Or, a business professional who needs to keep up with technological advances? PHSC helps professionals meet the requirements in their career to remain competitive in their field.

Continuing Professional Education courses are designed for busy working students and are offered at convenient times.

Course Selections and Schedules

  • Campus-based Continuing Professional Education courses offer certification, licensure and training for health, business and computer professionals, workers in child care, and more.
  • Ed2Go online courses provide basic and advanced skills training in an online environment.
  • OLT online courses provide online training for real estate and insurance professionals.
  • Law Enforcement Advanced Classes are offered through the PHSC Law Enforcement Academy located on the East Campus in Dade City.

Continuing Education Rapid Credentialing Courses - Fall 2020

Course Name Dates Days Times Cost** PHSC Rapid Credential Scholarship Funded
Certified Bookkeeper Sept. 17-Dec. 10 Thurs. 6-9:30 p.m. $1295 Yes*
Certified AutoCAD User Sept. 10-Nov. 9 Mon./Thurs. 6:30-8:30 p.m. $995 Yes*
Certified SolidWorks Professional Sept. 15-Nov. 4 Tues./Wed. 6:30-8:30 p.m. $795 Yes*

Certified Comp TIA A+**

(see Special Notice below)

Sept. 15-Dec. 10 Tues./Thurs. 6-9:30 p.m. $1595 Yes*
Certified Python Programming Oct. 1-Nov. 20 Mon.-Fri. 6-8 p.m $1995 Yes*
Certified 5G Leadership Skills Training Oct. 5-Nov. 2 Mon./Wed. 6-8:15 p.m. $1495 Yes*
Certificate in Residential Property Mgmt./NALP Oct. 6-Nov. 17 Tues./Thurs. 6-8 p.m. $595 Yes*
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety Certification Oct. 11-Nov. 22 Mon./Wed. 5-7 p.m. TBD Yes*

All rapid credentialing course instruction is offered virtually, either remote or online instruction only.

*Tuition funding is available through the PHSC Rapid Credential Scholarship. For more information contact the PHSC Financial Aid Office at or Workforce Development at

**Special Notice: Certified Comp TIA A+ class, scheduled to begin Sept. 1, 2020 is postponed due to low enrollment. To meet registration requirements, new class dates are Sept. 15 - Dec. 10, 2020.

Law Enforcement Advanced Courses - Fall 2020

Course Name Dates Times Cost Reg. Deadline
Case Preparation and Court Presentation Sept. 14-18 0800-1700 Trust Funded Aug. 31
Stress Management Techniques Dec. 7-11 0800-1700 Trust Funded Nov. 16
Advanced Report Writing and Review Nov 2-6 0800-1700 Trust Funded Oct. 12
Speed Measurement Course Sept. 21-25 0800-1700* Trust Funded Sept. 7

*Sept. 24 class hours are 1200-2100

Continuing Education Refund Policy

Full refunds for PHSC continuing education courses are given when the College cancels a class. A full refund will be made to a student who drops from any noncredit class prior to the starting time of the first class. This policy applies also to workshops, seminars, conferences, and special training programs. A claim for refund due to death must be made in writing and signed by a person legally authorized to act for the deceased.